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Fashion Hacks with The Pastel Project

(above) Margot of ‘The Pastel Project’ looking sublime in her signature pastels

As both an avid reader and fashion lover, I am continuously looking for exciting new blogs to follow and read. It’s not that there is any shortage of blogs; in fact in our current digital media world, we have an innumerable selection of bloggers and blogs to choose from. However it is always difficult to find the perfect blogs to follow. I’m always on the look out for something new, fresh and innovative.

One such amazing blog which has recently captured my attention is the ‘The Pastel Project‘ by Margot Guilbert. Whilst everyone else is obsessed with minimalistic colours, black and white palettes and contemporary style, Margot stands out with her love for pastels. Peachy pinks, subtle blues and soft pistachio-like greens, Margot’s blog is like walking through a field of cotton candy.

Based out of Geneva, Margot is slowly establishing herself in the blogging world with her distinctive niche. The World Wide Wardrobe recently caught up with her in Switzerland, to discuss all things pastels, style and blogging.


(above) Margot beautifully combining tan colours with hints of pink

Q: What inspired the formation of ‘The Pastel Project’?

A: So many reasons inspired me to create ‘The Pastel Project‘, but the very first one was the boiling creativity inside me. I studied digital communication and always had this natural attraction toward fashion, so creating a fashion blog was the perfect equation.

Q: What are your inspiration sources when trying to create interesting outfits, photo shoots or editorials?

A: Nature, architecture, colours, my travels, but also other blogs and girls in the streets are my main sources of inspiration when it comes to creating my outfits, photoshoots or editorials.


(above) A post from Margot’s recent trip to Andalusia 

Q: How do different cultures and travel impact your blog?

A: Travelling in different cities/countries and documenting it, gives diversity and dynamic to the blog. Wherever I travel, I adapt my outfits to the culture while staying true to my style and keeping the pastel colours.

Q: What is one of your favourite articles amongst those that you have published?

A: So hard to choose! I would say the recent ‘Blue & Black Boater and Golden Jewelleries‘, because I am a little obsessed with boaters lately and also because it was the first shooting we – with my photographer boyfriend – did with our new Canon 6D.


(above) Apart from fashion, Margot is also greatly inspired by nature

Q: How does digital media play a part in your blog’s journey?

A: Digital media plays a big role in my blog’s journey to relay the information and interact more spontaneously with my followers. Also, half of my readers come to my blog through social media outlets, so definitely an important part of the journey.

Q: What has been a dream-come-true moment for you, in terms of your blog’s journey?

A: So far, going to Paris Fashion Week and being part of designer Agnès b.’s friends! Oh and also the Zalando DIY video: creating new designs and being on set surrounded by professionals was so much fun! I wish I could do that everyday.

Q: What are your favourite go-to brands?

A: My favourite go-to brands are Zara for affordable trendy pieces and Chloé to splurge in a luxury bag or pair of shoes.

Q: What is your ultimate never-fail style tip?

A: Fashion has a lot to do with feelings and emotions. So, wear an outfit which you feel physically and mentally confortable in and you will always feel confident.


(above) A shot from Margot’s favourite blog post, ‘Blue & Black Boater and Gold Jewellery’


Q: What do you consider as your must-have closet essentials?

A: My must-have closet essentials are a good pair of jeans (for me it’s high waisted and frayed hems), a floral or lace midi dress, a leather jacket, some golden jewellery, a designer hand bag and sunglasses.

Q: What advice would you have for aspiring bloggers?

A: Don’t only stay online, go offline and meet people.

Q: Finally, what do you think has been the success defining factor in running your blog?

A: I think having a niche on pastel colours. People come over to The Pastel Project to see how to style an outfit with soft colours. These colours work all year long: it matches perfectly with tanned skin and it highlights a dull face during winter (more specifically pastel pink!). I think a soft palette is great compromise between dark and bright hues. You just have to dare!

mixing stripes 2

(above) Margot perfecting the art of stripes on stripes

ruffled top scalloped heels 5

(above) Margot looking pretty in a ruffled blouse & scalloped heels



Born into a Pakistani family, Manal has spent much of her life living in different countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. Her passion for travelling and love for fashion, means she is constantly on the look out for new things to inspire her. With an educational background in fashion business, Manal hopes to establish her own fashion label.

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